New Pallamost

The former Pallamost, was a paragon of elegance and power. If The Great War of the Third Age and the torrential Deluge were not enough, the disappearance of the Emperor and his son were too much for the kingdom and its mighty navy and land legion to weather. Most Pallamostians fled to the Outlands to start their own farm or mine, and others migrated to try their luck in Druvvenrog. The faithful stayed to keep up the cathedral, that was miraculously saved high on the tallest peak;  The Great Temple to Pallas, which to them was an indication of his blessings. These remaining acolytes have re-dubbed their fractured land as New Pallamost, and await the return of their Emperor and armies, so that they can one day soon, rebuild.

Pallamost was the greatest kingdom in all of Deluvia in the Third Age. It grew in power under House Azernath and with the protection of the Major Deity Pallas, of the Aetheric Sphere and his pantheon. It began when one of the First Mortals, Sage the Cleric, Sylwyn, wandered and came upon the mountain of Keed. There she was wed with the God Pallas, and was blessed with many offspring.

One of these offspring, many generations later, was Kaln Azernath, who founded the town of Pallamost, as a place of devotion to Pallas, his Great-Great Grandfather. Over the generations the town grew into a bustling hub and eventually the Capital of Deluvia with an Emperor. 

Not all Deluvians shared this epithet, but in the Central Kingdoms, which this realm in the center of The Long Sea, was now called, paid tribute to this United Rule and colonies flourished for millennia.

Regions of Deluvia

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