Welcome to Deluvia

Explore the Landscape

The tales have been told since mortals have first gathered around the fire. Tales of the strange and wondrous things hidden in the vast unknown shadows of the world. Tales of creatures divine and beasts demonic; of gods and kings; of myths and monsters; from dark forests to the lands of ice; from desert wastes to the storm thrashed seas. Every corner of Deluvia has its stories to tell. .

What is Age of Storms?

You explore a mythical landscape of arcane magic, mad gods and burgeoning technology to carve your own path with or against the existing powers that be. You build your character and define yourself as you wish in this open world, to be part of and explore the existing storyline, or create your own.

  • Risk VS. Reward

    No hand holding on Age of Storms. Put in the risk, and reap the rewards. Where hard work ultimately equals true value.

  • Exploration

    This is an open world free to explore however you wish.

  • Dynamic Lore

    A world where you write the rest of the story. Your actions determine the saga's next chapters.

Build your character.

Build your World.

  • Craft your own Character

    From the race, class, abilities and your backstory and personality, you choose how to interact with the world.

    You are what you do. There are no classes, but the world will treat you according to the skills and reputation you develop.

  • Choose your own Adventure

    There is a story set forth from with you can set your missions to solve in; or, create your own.

  • Build your Stronghold

    Though this world is ancient, and realms already exist, most of the world is for you to explore and create your own empire.