The Story

Hail traveler. I am Meruk, the sage of the scholars and Keeper of the Deluvic Bardsong Saga, the ancient tome of our land.You want me to go way back to the beginning say you? You want me to tell you tales of the bards of old and their songs that have been translated down through the ages to my writings here? Let us start with the Song of Juruus, for as I wrote down her captivating ballads, I found them to be the most ancient and most alluring.

Age of Darkness

In the beginning, there was Darkness; in the end, there will be Darkness.

Age of Gods

There was a time before the War, where Deities ruled with severe prejudice and bloodshed.

Age of Kings

After the Great War between the Gods and the Mortals, we were at relative peace. My sagacious kin and I, all Twelve of us, maintained watch and kept record of the new rising powers of the Central Kingdoms. The old Capitol of Pallamost, and it vast libraries, highly trained legion, and noble ancestry were all plunged into the depths, but the new rising power of Druvvenrog threatens this peace. Their Gogs and Barons were not in despair at the loss of the Kingdoms of Old and the exodus of pilgrims and refugees fleeing to the Outlands. It was their superior naval and air technology and ambitious imperialism that ushered them to the top. The Gogs and Inquisitors hunted down and captured all magic users, deeming them as heretics. They banned magic and religion in their realm.

We all yearn for a new kingdom to arise among you new travelers making a new place for yourself in the Outlands. There is a great hope that a group of heroes will repel all the dark forces coming from all directions.

Yet, the small realm of Song Tide, and The Kingdom of the Wood, seem untouched by the growing evils and the severing Deluge. Outside the edge of the Central Kingdoms, but close the the Outlands, this archipelago of arcane refuge is not without strife of its own. Though many pilgrims seek haven, bandits and corsairs, seek new plunder from travelers and even may convince them to join them. The ambitious industrialists of Rothigport have called the attention of the elemental virtues to bring balance back to the humble primordial origins of the original Descent. And certainly not least is the Undead Rot that spreads out of Wraithwood, the haunted forest that seeps death and devours the living.

Will you ally with the Corporation of Druvvenrog, or build your own stronghold to do your own conquering? Some call upon the gods blessings for their power, and yet others the ancient magic within the ley lines of Deluvia herself, and still others trust the hardened steel of the blade of the old masters.

I, Meruk, judge not your path and am only here to advise. Seek me and my 11 brethren out, but keep your findings secret and your travels safe. And remember, a storm is coming.

Regions of Deluvia