Where to start

SteamFront: Age of Storms is an open world, fantasy RPG. It takes place on the mythical planet of Deluvia, where players build their characters skills and develop the role they will play in this immersive world.

We use Minecraft as our game engine.

If you already know how to get Minecraft up and running you can skip to step 2

  • Step 1: Get Minecraft Started

  • Step 2: Install Minecraft and Enter Server Address

    • We are currently on version 1.20.2 so make sure that is selected as your installation.

      Add a server with Address


    • In addition, make sure the “Server Resource Pack” is Enabled.
      This will allow you to get our custom art into the game that helps explore the world better.
      You can also download the Resource Pack here if you’re having trouble using the Server one.
  • Step 3: Join the Server

Welcome to Deluvia! Now you can Begin to play. If you have any questions or want to join the conversation, head over to Discord.