Glorelindil – The Luminous Shard

The Song of the Shard

The bard, with voice like honeyed mead, Sang of the Shard that heroes need. In ancient tome and legend’s lore, Its tale was told forevermore.

A beacon bright in darkest night, A guide through shadows, pure and white. With radiant glow, it lit the way, A path to follow, come what may.

In Lysandra’s halls, where torches gleam, The Shard once cast its radiant beam. But shadows fell, the light grew dim, And darkness spread, its tendrils grim.

Yet hope remained, a flicker small, Within the hearts of one and all. For whispers spoke of days of old, When heroes’ tales were proudly told.

So off they went, with hearts held high, Beneath the vaulted, starlit sky. Through labyrinthine depths they tread, To find the Shard, their guiding thread.

And in the end, through trials dire, They found the Shard, its light afire. With songs of triumph, they returned, The beacon saved, the darkness spurned.

So let us sing of the Luminous Shard, A tale of courage, bold and hard. For in its light, we find our way, And chase the shadows, come what may.

Fresnelor, a name of grandeur and lore, In Deluvia’s annals, forevermore. With melodies sweet and tales profound, His legacy in bardic realms, renowned.

Through fields of emerald and skies so high, His songs carried hope, like stars in the sky. When shadows loomed and darkness fell, His voice was a beacon, a guiding bell.

So let us honor Fresnelor’s name, In songs and stories, his light aflame. For in his verse, our spirits soar, Fresnelor, bard of evermore.