The Pallatian Order:

  • Origins and Legacy: The Pallatian Order traces its origins back to ancient times when it was founded as a sacred brotherhood of warriors dedicated to upholding the principles of justice, honor, and divine righteousness. Initially formed to serve the Empress of Pallamost as her trusted advisors and protectors, the order quickly gained renown throughout Deluvia for its unwavering commitment to righteousness and its valor in battle.
  • Paladins of Pallas: The members of The Pallatian Order are known as the Paladins of Pallas, named after the patron god of Pallamost. They are renowned for their unwavering faith in Pallas and their tireless efforts to defend the innocent, uphold the law, and combat evil wherever it may arise. Each Paladin undergoes rigorous training in martial combat, divine magic, and moral righteousness, preparing them to serve as champions of justice and righteousness in the world.
  • Symbolism and Traditions: The Paladins of Pallas bear the sacred symbols of their order with pride, including the sigil of Pallas emblazoned upon their armor and shields. They adhere to a strict code of conduct known as the Oath of the Paladins, which guides their actions and dictates their behavior both on and off the battlefield. Their unwavering commitment to their ideals and their readiness to lay down their lives in defense of the innocent have earned them the respect and admiration of allies and foes alike.
  • Evolution of the Term “Paladin”: Over time, the term “paladin” has come to be synonymous with any warrior who is also a devout follower of a powerful god, reflecting the influence and prestige of The Pallatian Order throughout Deluvia. Paladins from various backgrounds and traditions may draw inspiration from the example set by the Paladins of Pallas, adopting similar codes of conduct and dedicating themselves to the cause of righteousness and justice in the world.

The Pallatian Order and the 12 Stars of Pallas:

  1. Aspect of Courage (Zar Pallas – Star: Zar): Representing bravery and valor in the face of adversity, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who fearlessly leads their comrades into battle, inspiring them to overcome their fears and stand firm against any foe.
  2. Aspect of Wisdom (Brau Pallas – Star: Brau): Symbolizing insight and foresight, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who possesses keen strategic acumen and sound judgment, guiding their allies with wisdom and foresight on the battlefield and beyond.
  3. Aspect of Justice (Cama Pallas – Star: Cama): Standing for righteousness and fairness, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who upholds the principles of justice and fairness, ensuring that all are treated equitably under the law and that the innocent are protected from harm.
  4. Aspect of Compassion (Dro Pallas – Star: Dro): Reflecting empathy and kindness, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who shows compassion and empathy towards those in need, offering aid and support to the downtrodden and the oppressed.
  5. Aspect of Honor (Epsa Pallas – Star: Epsa): Signifying integrity and loyalty, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who holds themselves to the highest standards of honor and integrity, remaining true to their word and steadfast in their commitments.
  6. Aspect of Strength (Fao Pallas – Star: Fao): Representing physical prowess and resilience, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who possesses unmatched strength and resilience, able to overcome even the most daunting challenges through sheer force of will.
  7. Aspect of Hope (Gru Pallas – Star: Gru): Symbolizing optimism and inspiration, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who brings hope and encouragement to their allies, inspiring them to persevere in the face of adversity and never lose sight of their goals.
  8. Aspect of Harmony (Hira Pallas – Star: Hira): Standing for unity and cooperation, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who fosters harmony and cooperation among their comrades, bridging divides and forging bonds of trust and friendship.
  9. Aspect of Knowledge (Epsa Pallas – Star: Epsa): Reflecting intellect and wisdom, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who seeks knowledge and understanding in all things, striving to uncover the truths of the world and share their wisdom with others.
  10. Aspect of Devotion (Julo Pallas – Star: Julo): Symbolizing faith and dedication, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who devotes themselves wholeheartedly to the service of Pallas, channeling their faith into acts of heroism and selflessness.
  11. Aspect of Protection (Kama Pallas – Star: Kama): Representing guardianship and defense, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who stands as a stalwart defender of the innocent and the weak, shielding them from harm and ensuring their safety.
  12. Aspect of Guidance (Liru Pallas – Star: Liru): Signifying leadership and mentorship, this aspect is embodied by a Paladin who leads by example and guides others on the path of righteousness, inspiring them to reach their full potential and become champions in their own right.