Bardstown, being near the center island of the Song Tide Archipelago, gets a fair amount of pilgrims, especially from the adventurer studying the arts of epic poetry and song. Many new songspells can be learned in this small hamlet on the sea. The town wishes to grow and therefore welcomes all visitors with open hands, but don’t be surprised if you are convinced to stay and add to their numbers. This town wants to be as big as Rothigport some day! Just make sure the reason you say is not because a beautiful bard enticed you with her song.

You can hear the songs whistle through the straights and channels and Bardstown takes pride in being the residence of several of the realms most noted musicians. Stop, stay and rest in this little town on the rocks.

Advanced Lore

In the verdant expanse of the Song Tide, nestled amidst the gentle waves and whispering winds, lies Bardtown, a jewel of harmony and artistic expression. As the second largest town in the realm, it stands as the hallowed abode of minstrels and troubadours, whose melodies weave tales of old and dreams of tomorrow.

Bardtown’s splendor spans across two mystical isles, Cantos and Turmo, each adorned with the ethereal glow of creativity and festivity. At its heart lies the grand amphitheater, where aspiring thespians and musicians alike gather to share their craft beneath the starlit sky. Here, the most esteemed bards of Deluvia dwell, their humble cottages dotting the seaside, where they find solace in the rhythmic cadence of the waves and the whispers of inspiration.

Legend whispers of Cantosturmo, the genesis of Bardtown’s storied legacy. Once a desolate rock, it was forever changed when the merchant vessel helmed by Kersirus and his valiant crew was ensnared by the enchanting melodies of Kixie, granddaughter of Zeyphant the Tempest. Though many ships had met their demise upon the treacherous shores of Cantosturmo, it was Kersirus’ sea shanties that softened the heart of the enchantress, guiding his vessel safely to land. Thus, a union was forged between mortal and immortal, birthing Manesk the Bard, whose songs wove the very fabric of Bardtown’s essence.

The arrival of Manesk heralded a new era of spellsongs, blending the haunting laments of his mother’s siren calls with the resounding echoes of his father’s maritime ballads. Across Deluvia, tales of his melodies spread like wildfire, drawing chroniclers and performers from far and wide to partake in the blossoming tapestry of Bardtown.

Yet, amidst the revelry and merriment, shadows linger in the alleys and whispers haunt the cobblestone streets. Krizdo, with his wonderwagon and mischievous flames, dances on the outskirts of town, his presence a reminder of the delicate balance between chaos and harmony.

But Bardtown stands resolute, a bastion of unity and tranquility in a world of discord. In the garden at its heart, where bards and socialites converge beneath the ancient boughs, and in the hallowed halls of the amphitheater, where the Greater Songtide Symphony weaves its enchanting melodies, the spirit of harmony thrives.

For Bardtown is more than a mere township—it is the City of Harmony, the City of Sandstone, where the symphony of life sings in harmony with the rhythms of the earth and sky, and where the echoes of spellsongs resonate throughout the ages.

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