Bristlechill Keep

Bristlechill Keep is a tower built by Ukra Ospirion in the Geistgor Mountains of North Eastern Song Tide.
She enjoys her remoteness among the company of her many creations, as she is a Baroness Tinker, with both the pedigree of a land holder and the ingenuity of a tinker.
Her keep boasts of her skills with hidden traps laying about for the uninvited, and her airship dock, which she claims was the first in the Song Tide Archipelago, which pridefully moors her personal airship, The Nautilus.
Perched high on some of the tallest mountains in this area, she can view the Mistop Laboratory to the South. In the belly of the mountain below the Keep are the Crystal Caverns from which she mines the necessary components for her inventions.
For those adventurers brave enough to break through her grumpy demeanor and desire for solitude, they can find many resources and knowledge for the aforementioned items and skills.


Testers can download this build here

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