The realm of the Lady of the Snow, Frostwynn, is part of and ancient land that was once a sanctuary for the Gods, and this section still remains mostly untouched by mortals.

Her icy fortress Mollbrufrost, has never been located by any mortal, and it is said that her kingdom cannot be reached before a mortal freezes to death from the natural cold, or the ice magic that swirls in this realm.

Time goes slower here, and since this realm has been around since time immemorial, ancient artifacts can be found scattered around frozen in time. It was Ninnybruck Gearheed, the tinker, who created the first air ship, and then was shot down and crashed somewhere in Frostwynn, who caused may mortals to become aware of this land. 

Pallamost set up their huge network of prisons in the mountains of Herrogthur on the edge of Frostwynn, as a place to exile dissidents for life.

The Frost Trolls are other mortal beings that have set up their civilization out here on the ice plains.

Not much else is known about this vast frozen land but it holds treasures that only the most resilient hunter can behold.

Regions of Deluvia

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