The Riftlands were a bellweather to The Great Severing and if the Central Kingdoms saw the damage to their colonies in this region, they would have known their own demise of floods and plagues.

It exists far across the Outlands, where the lands were ripped apart and most mining colonies lost to the deluge. The Astrologers of Saughil Mist were one of the only cults that predicted this demise and still exist as a refuge for the true believes.

Another settlement, Ricketspire, which was a colony of Pallamost, survived, but has lost all contact with the Commonwealth. Heernack, its elderman awaits word from them, but enjoys his new freedom.

Other colonies and mining posts exist out in these rugged lands. Some of the best hunts for rangers exists, and miners relish in its rare ores.

Regions of Deluvia

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