The Long Sea

The Long Sea is the name given by seafarers  to the large expanse of water between many of the kingdoms. Around its edge of the Outersea is The Outlands where pioneers and pilgrims venture to make a new life.

One will find The Central Kingdoms somewhere in the middle of it all which was once called The Capital of Deluvia during the height of the Age of Kings.

There are a few island small towns scattered here and there. One, Padula Anchorite, you will find a small market and a place to find repairs for your boat, as well as a small recluse monastary. Another, Exod Arcem, an old abandoned fortress where some pilgrims were stranded and never made it out farther than its craggy walls. The Rilgard Atoll, a town of cobbled together of barges, boats and flotsam that have carved out an existence of kelp farming and strange superstitions. The well-known, merchant skiff Esmerelda, and her captain Squeers, seem to find the most interesting trinkets to barter over. She finds her way to most every port in The Long Sea eventually. And also, there is Lady Josie Prudence’s Wondertrain, a traveling barge carnival caravan, whose circus theatre troupe is always looking to entertain at any point along one of their stops in The Long Sea.

The farther out one gets from the Central Kingdoms in the Outlands, the more danagerous it becomes, with ancient dark forces and barbarian armies looking to propel curious wanderers.

Regions of Deluvia

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