Song Tide

Song Tide is a grouping of islands close in culture and values that has not changed much in the last 100 generations of time. In recent times, new towns have been built the mortals are exploring new trades and cooperation. One such venture, is the fishing town, Rothigport, Song Tide’s the largest city and a hub of commerce for this area. 

It was once called the land of a hundred islands, but it was since proven, that there are only twelve that are within quick sailing distance from each other. Another nickname it has is the waters of the howling winds, which has caused great inspiration for the bard folk to take inspiration from and settle here.

A quality that Song Tide takes pride in, is the quantity of arcanists that have decided to make the islands their home. In fact there are four arch mages that are known to the people that are said to watch over the land and keep it protected by magic.

This does not mean that every step is safe; quite the contrary in fact; the creatures of Song Tide can be quite powerful and deadly if provoked. At times, it seems that all the creatures are living in harmony, and at other times carnage ensues among quarreling species. 

Lately, pirates and bandits have also sought refuge, or fortune out in the sea between the islands. They have even become so brash to frequent the pubs of Rothigport to find out gossip of shipping ways and adventurous tales. They have their own town also, known as Cove to most Song Tiders, but also known as Buccaneers Den to the pirates themselves.

Bardtown is a medium-sized town on a hill with magnificent views of The Long Sea. Many of the realm’s most powerful bards live here. This town is moderately wealthy and free of most dangers. It is nickname City of Harmony, not only because of its musical nature, but as seeking balance with Deluvia.

Regions of Deluvia

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